Casatiello is a rustic cake, typical of Campania. The classic filling is made with ham, salami  and mixed cheeses. 

Neapolitan Casatiello

PriceFrom £23.50
  • The ingredients are: Flour (Wheat ,gluten) , Water , Salami , Cooked Ham , Cheese (dairy products), LARD(Strutto) /pork fat , sugar , salt ,   Eggs (ONLY AS DECORATION) . 

  • Allergy: Flour (wheat/gluten) , Eggs (ONLY ON THE TOP AS DECORATIONS) , CHEESE (diary product) 

    All my cakes are made in an environment where nuts, peanuts, eggs, dairy, soya, sesame and gluten are used, for this reason we cannot guarantee they are free from traces of these allergens - however we can control and limit allergens contamination as best as we can.