Frequently asked questions

How long in advance do I have to reserve my order?

Once your order is accepted it takes at least 2 days before being delivered or can be delivered on your favourite day. For any urgent enquiry please contact us -

What makes your cakes different?

Our pastries, cakes, creams and meringue are freshly made specifically for your order . All the products are FREE from preservatives and additives. Nothing is premade or prepacked.

What is the best before day?

We suggest to consume our pastries on the same day we deliver them to you, but the BBD depends on the pastry, we'll write you the BBD by email once the order has been delivered. All our products are baked using fresh and genuine selected ingredients.

Do you sell gluten free product?

We are sorry, it is not possible for us to make a gluten free production as we can not to guarantee 100% gluten-free pastries as we use wheat flour for daily basis production.

Can i order Free-From or vegan cake/pastries?

Sorry, we cannot make free-from or vegan. All our cakes and pastries contain or may contain gluten, eggs, dairy, nuts and soya. These ingredients are present in our environment . Please consider this very carefully before making an order, if you have a serious allergy!